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Universal Information Manager: unlimited number of table structures, data-entry forms
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17 September 2006

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Information managers enable businesses to manage their business processes and other schedules effectively with these applications which contain multiple tools to manage tasks and activities pertaining to business procedures and keep a track of daily tasks other utilities. Further, such applications contain space for storing contact details and addresses and have an in-built mailbox as well sometimes and further contain the facility to send reminders and fax communication. Computer systems are steadily advancing in terms of technology and utilities in-built to enhance the usage of such computerized organizers and information managers with report generations and project management as well. Alventis 1.20 is a global information manager which records all types of information and works like a personal assistant with its vast usage facility.

Alventis opens with a vivid looking interface with the major options placed at the top panel and multiple options for storing information and managing contacts along with keeping important notes, all in one place. This software has the capabilities to record all valuable information and data in the form of text notes and also keep contacts and schedule tasks. Further, it can also keep inventory records and employee records along with resumes and measuring budgets and other valuable records like real estate records and personal information and much more. Reports can be created with considerable ease with drag and drop facility and also full text indexing ensures fast searching. The software is secure enough to handle multi user operations and facilitates easy deployment as well, and performs much better than a simple organizer or information manger.

To conclude, the Alventis 1.20 proves to be a powerful application to reckon within the near future with its strong and varied scope of storing information and hence gets a rating score of four and a half points for its impressive performance and functionalities. For corporate users a look into is enterprise edition is highly advised.

Publisher's description

Alventis is a Universal Information Manager that can record all your valuable data: free-form rich text notes, contacts, tasks, inventory, budget, employee records, resumes, sales leads, real estate records, personal collections, and so on. The number of table formats and data-entry forms is unlimited. Full-text indexing ensures that your searches are lightning-fast. Banded reports are created with drag-and-drop ease.
The Professional Edition gives you the ability to create your own tables from scratch or modify existing ones. Create as many data-entry forms as you like quickly and easily - all without writing a single line of code!
The Enterprise Edition brings you the advantages of a robust client/server architecture, secure multi-user operation, and easy deployment. Infinitely more than a PIM, Alventis offers you features only found in industrial-strength DBMS solutions - for a fraction of the cost. Visit for more information!
Version 1.20
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